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Breaking News. Stanford is ever so slightly taller than Columbo!

Ok. So not exactly breaking; peeps on Twitterface will probably have seen this picture already. And not news because, come on, Peter Falk was a lovely talented but seriously short dude. Plus Standford was bound to be a bit taller than someone, sooner or later.

But i thought I'd share it anyway because:
a. Columbo is God.
b. There's fuck all going on in my afternoon right now.
c. I have a sneaking suspicion that our boy has, once again, gone out in public in a grey T shirt combined with that oversized blue cardigan.

That is all.


Lovin the fact that cast and crew from 12 Monkeys are big into sharing pictures while they're recording S2. Ta very much guys, it makes internet stalking a whole lot more fun. And of course, really really drums up interest in the new series. Which is kinda the point I guess. Or they're just bored. With a phone. Whatever.

The other day they went axe throwing. For fun. This is actually a thing! Throwing Axes. How absofuckingfabulous is that?? Has anyone on here tried it? We have NOTHING fun like that where I live. Clearly I need to move to Toronto pronto.

Aaaaanyway, in addition to pics of a Tiny!Axewielding!Stanford which conjures up all sorts of mental images of Pratchett's disc world (what is it with dwarves and axes?). There's some obscure stuff like this:

I must admit I am particularly partial to this enigmatic  shot of a Tiny!1940sActor! Our boy wasn't actually tagged on the photo, but it's him right? Right?


So the Stanford news this week is all about San Diego Comic Con 2015. Featuring some nice pics, updates on 12 Monkeys s2, entertaining interviews (particularly the 'bleeds well' comment in this), and Stanford in a cardigan. A CARDIGAN. Seriously.

We all know the boy has a tenuous grasp on fashion, but honey, you're making this too easy for us.

Just in case you can't figure out why this innocuous piece of clothing has me shaking my head in slow motion; there's only 3 scenario's where a man in a cardigan might be 'ok'.
1. You are over the age of 65.
2. You are gay AND have oodles of style AND have matched it with a fitted T shirt. Not a mis-shapen grey one.
3. You are at home, on the sofa, with the flu.

In short. It makes me want to get our boy a hot water bottle and make him some soup.


Was idly tootling around t'internet, looking for stuff on an old Stanford film, like you do. When lo and behold I hit on the motherload: Stanfordwank. Why the fuck didn't I find this community years ago?!?!?

Shame this group has gone quiet of late, but thanks for all the snark guys. I've had a most entertaining week catching up on your old posts during lame moments at work.

You've probably all grown up and moved on now. Especially seeing as Stanford now seems slightly more familiar with shampoo and wears less velour. But I still think he's talented AF and eminently watchable. So I might stick around LJ for a bit anyway... see if anyone's still up for it.
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Psssssst. Long time no see. <3 Stanford was cast in a new show (pilot? IDK apparently they start production in November, so....). 12 Monkeys on SyFy! Also starring: the blonde ballerina girl from Center Stage. INTO IT!

More @ Bloody Disgusting.

P.S. I just realized that Blonde Ballerina Girl (Amanda Schull) has been on Suits a zillion times and I just realized it. A+, Schull. I am now even more into it.

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You guys.. Today is Stanford's birthday. He's 36. Which seems super weird because I'm pretty sure he was turning 28 when this community happened. That's a big change. From dumb-ass kid to dumb-ass adult. Not that Stanford is a dumb-ass, I'm just saying that in a sense people don't really change that much in the way that we still have the Tinkerbell tendencies of children and are still intrinsically breakable and still make the same mistakes. Life happens no matter how old you get.

Obviously I have gone soft because I am also no longer the age when this comm started. Which is sort of weird because I always thought I'd get meaner and more bitter in my old age. You know. Adopt some angry cats. Get a pitchfork. Use it to threaten small children with bodily harm if they got on my lawn.


Stanford. Happy birthday. Thanks for 36 years of being awesome (even if you had to play a teenager for like 30 of them).

You can wish Stanford a happy birthday on twitter or just go to tumblr and flood the "Aaron Stanford" and "Birkhoff" tags with old pictures of that burnt sienna button up we harped on about for two years in celebration.

Or, you can read this post and go about your day. I mean. You know, no pressure.